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Trust men and they will be true to you. Treat them greatly and they will show themselves great.
       Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Inside the workshop

Standardized and custom modules to meet your goals

The 15 Minutes of Fame workshop consists of a number of modules. We tailor each workshop to help you achieve your goals. Depending on whether you are seeking development in the area of team building, creativity, communication, leadership... we will customize our approach.

Module: Greenlight & Story 101
In the big group, your teams will face their first challenge - come up with story ideas and pitch them. Wait till your people come up against our panel of producers who hold the power to fund their movie. This module is a 2-3 hour roundtable team building session incorporating creativity games and filmmaking principles designed to loosen the imagination and get the creative juices flowing in a light-hearted yet competitive way. This is a great way to warmup for Module 2.

It was great to work with real filmmakers. Excellent facilitators to guide the filmmaking process.
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Module: 15 Minutes of Fame - Film 101, Silent Movie and the Feature Film

The core of our workshop. These exercises can be spread over two days or condensed into one 4-6 hour period. Participants roll up their sleeves and make their own film by taking one of the various roles of directing, cinematography and acting. Each small group is supervised by film industry professionals. The story ideas are turned into moving pictures using state-of-the-art cameras, wardrobe, props - and your team's imagination.

Clear decision making, leadership skills and time management are all required for this challenging workshop - each team must get their ideas and concepts on film, in the can, on-time and within budget. The intense pressure of a film shoot has been known to make experienced directors cry. Now it will be your team's chance to grab their 15 Minutes of Fame.

Module 3        Oscar-style Celebration and Screening

The 15 Minutes of Fame Screening and Awards celebration. Just like Cannes or Sundance! This module works very well when you combine it with a dinner during your retreat or conference. We'll project all your films onto the silver screen and the judges will make their selections for Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Director and of course, the Best Picture. Many of our clients have even made the evening a tux and dinner gown event! Guntis is famous for his introductions to the films - his dry Australian wit has reduced many a director to tears - of laughter! This light-hearted, fun-filled event will give you a taste of the magic and glamour of the film industry.

Debrief Module.... Strategy and Team Building
After the intensity of the filmmaking session, take an afternoon to discuss the experience in the context of team building, communication and creativity. Have a conversation to help transfer the learning back to your workplace. Powerful assessment tools are used here to help your people take their 15 minutes of fame back home! Visit our Modules page to read about our facilitator partner who can deliver great debrief sessions for you.