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Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.
             Michael Jordan

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The Value of the Film Experience

The process Hollywood goes through when it puts together a film is the most intense example of teamwork under pressure.

The film crew is poised. Talent is ready. The set is quiet. The director waits for the daylight to change. And then, action! The clock is ticking and every minute means millions of dollars. Everyone works with one goal: to help tell the story.

This exercise involves more teamwork than any other team building exercise I've ever done. It showed me how important listening and reaching consensus is for a team. Also, how we can learn together and make a finished product with little experience just by relying on each other. I love the right brain approach.
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Everyone loves a good story.
They remind us we're human. We get to explore alll possibilities and to live out our dreams, and, yes, nightmares. Today's medium of telling stories is film. There are hundreds of movies made every year. And the technology is making it easier, but it still comes down to story. What's the value of stories in the corporate world?

New skills for a new workplace

Flexing the right brain muscles to unleash creativity through the 15 Minutes of Fame workshop

Daniel Pink continues: "The sorts of abilities that now matter most are fundamentally human attributes. After all, back on the savannah, our caveperson ancestors weren't plugging numbers into spreadsheets or debugging code. But they were telling stories, demonstrating empathy, and designing innovations. These abilities have always been part of what it means to be human. It's just that after a few generations in the Information Age, many of our high concept, high touch muscles have atrophied. The challenge is to work them back into shape." *

The 15 Minutes of Fame workshop is unique in the world today

What other workshop gives you the opportunity to write a script, direct, act, operate a camera and produce a film? All while ticking the corporate development boxes like leadership, team building and creative thinking? No other workshop gives your associates a real filmmaking experience like this.

Our 15 MoF filmmakers (all film industry veterans) will guide your group from concept to script to shoot to screen. Along the way, your team will need to be creative, communicate and collaborate under pressure. Expressing a theme and concepts in a short film is challenging. It will stretch the old brain wiring and clear out your group's communication pathways. It all pays off when your group wins the Best Picture Award at the gala Oscar-style screening of all the films. Not only will your team have a night to remember, they’ll have their 15 Minutes of Fame movie to take home as a memory on DVD.
We were taken out of our normal dimension and saw things from another view which can be applied to many parts of the business world.
      Allen Windus, National Sales Manager,
      Sanitarium Health Foods

We deliver workshops around the globe: ScreenDreams Entertainment is experienced at conducting the 15 Minutes of Fame workshop at your location, or in retreat and conference settings around the world. From Brisbane to Boston, Seattle to Singapore - we can help you organize a great event that will inspire, enliven and energize your people. Companies like Boeing, GE, Siemens have enjoyed the workshops. Read testimonials from 15 MoF award-winners LINK

We also offer customized modules with top authors and facilitators who can deliver additional, specific training to meet your goals.

So, roll out the red carpet for your executives and claim your 15 Minutes of Fame. Ask about our flexible locations and programs for your next conference. We are experienced in handling any size group! Because we have a small, highly trained team of filmmakers, we suggest starting a conversation about your upcoming retreats now Call or email now!

* Mr. Pink has given us permission to quote his new book, A Whole New Mind: Moving from the Information Age to the Conceptual Age. (Order A Whole New Mind at Amazon)