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The basic building block of good team building is for a leader to promote the feeling that every human being is unique and adds value.

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A Track Record of Success

We have delivered the 15 Minutes of Fame Workshop for the past year with fantastic results. Executives, managers and associates all love the experience of making a short film. Whether they take a role as a producer, director, actor or camera operator, everyone gets involved. And everyone has fun!

"We weren't sure what to expect. We were opening a new call centre and had the intention of  bringing new people together from different areas. The 15 Minutes of Fame
workshop got us working together right away. Everyone was involved and took some creative risks. We got to know each other in new ways outside of our work relationships. There is nothing like creativity, fun and laughing together to bring a team together quickly. Working with a real filmmaker was a unique experience, too. They have a refreshing way of looking at the world and communicating ideas whilst still allowing room for the Amex teams to bring their own ideas into play.The piece de resistance was the screening. Watching the films all together was hilarious. It gave us an experience we will remember and draw on for a long time."
                Stephen J Gaskell, American Express

"Many thanks for delivering a great team building event for us at Siemens Mobile. I would have no hesitation in recommending a discussion with 15 Minute of Fame for other organizations who are seeking something different and fun for a teambuilding exercise."
          John Ogier, General Manager, Mobile Phones Siemens Ltd.

Teamwork and communication are two areas we gained from the workshop. And a lot of fun, everyone had fun!

                    Jim Ahearn, VP
                    CHEP Corporation

"As a geographically challenged sales team, we were looking
for something that would not only bond our team on the day, but also remain with us through the balance of the year. We were looking to stimulate creativeness and openness as we lead into the years planning session. We wanted our team to remain aware of their creative abilities as they work to implement and deliver against the year’s objectives. Most importantly, we wanted to have fun some fun..." Read the rest of this testimonial in its entirety
Chris Lawson, the Strategic Sales Leader for the GE Commercial Finance

and participated in many conferences and incentive group activities but I thought the movie making and Academy Awards night was a brilliant concept and a memorable experience. And what an interesting and talented bunch! Who better to provide some insight into the world of movie making than three industry experts. The guys were very encouraging.

Personally I loved it. Not only was it fascinating, it was a lot of fun as well. The fact that Screendreams was able to transform what we had done into a movie was amazing! The screening of the movies and the Awards night that followed was fabulous (and so entertaining). A great group or team building experience. I really look forward to using the concept."
          Suzie Brook, Incentives Manager, Commonwealth Bank Group

"We were taken out of our normal dimension and saw things from another view which can be applied to many parts of the business world."
          Allen Windus, National Sales Manager, Sanitarium Health Foods

A very challenging, effective and fun team building exercise that was further improved by the fun-filled awards dinner. All enjoyed immensely!"
          Stephen Knightly, National Sales Manager, 3M Pharmaceuticals

The workshop made me realize we are all human, not just workers. It was a chance to see the playful side of each other and we'll be able to remember the good times when under stress.
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More comments from feedback forms:
"It stretched me to be creative on the fly and execute on time without a perfect plan. It encouraged listening and collaboration to draw on our strengths."

"The bonding and the experience of what making a film together changed the playing field and has given us the opportunity to communicate on a different level in all aspects."

"It brought out the possibilitites and potential within colleagues previously unknown."

"Because we mostly work virtual and did not really know each other very well, this was a fantastic opportunity to team and come to know one another."

"The workshop gave me a taste of creativity, passion, salesmanship, and spontaneity. It gave us practice to present ideas to our customers and showed me that visual and nonverbal methods for delivering a message can be powerful and actually much better than words."