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Top 5 Reasons 15MoF Team Building

Top 5 reasons why 15 Minutes of Fame is the best team building exercise you'll ever do:

1. 15MoF is a multi-faceted learning experience, not just team building but creativity, leadership, communications skills, visual media, storytelling.

2. Everyone loves movies and everyone will be involved. There is a role for everyone, acting, directing, camera.... not one-dimensional like so many other exercisies.

3. You get to take something home and back to the workplace to share. Not just the memory of a great time, but also the DVD of your 15 minutes of fame!

4. Contact with real filmmakers, real professionals... not just another bunch of motivational experts or facilitators.

5. It's not just another cliff-climbing, sailing or catch-me-when-I-fall exercise!
I realized you really have to listen to each other and build off of other's ideas.
Communication was on a different level - fun and out of the comfort zone. I think I will be more confident to go out on a limb

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The Value for a Business or Organization

1. Teambuilding, bonding, working toward a common goal
Making a short film as a group is a natural teambuilding exercise where people have to collaborate efficiently to achieve the end result. Also, opening yourself up creatively to others tends to accelerate the bonding process. Beyond teambuilding, though, the workshop offers great benefits as a right brain workout.

2. Creativity
Something that many people don't get to do - use their imaginations and step outside the box. And let's face it, everyone wants their 15 minutes of fame!

3. Leadership Training
The workshop pushes participants into their intuitive, right brain. For many, this is far beyond their comfort zone. And then, they have to be creative. But the creativity isn't just individual - it has to be "sold" to the group and the team members have to be motivated to act on their imaginings. This is all about the group dynamics of leadership. When we form groups and turn them loose to make their films, some of the participants will take leadership roles, some will be on the support side.

The value of the filmmaking experience is that in order to have a successful outcome, it takes everyone's involvement. Those who take the leadership roles will be on the spot - they will have to lead the creativity of the group based on feeling. It's not about bottomline decision-making, it's about their feeling - is it a good idea? Will the story express our chosen theme and values? Will the film be funny, sad, etc.?

The 15 Minutes of Fame process utilizes a different vocabulary for decision-making and for leadership. In the group setting, it's a powerful experience for leaders at all levels.

4. Visual media skills
Starting with the assumption that the visual media (TV, films, DVDs, Internet, Graphics) is the most powerful communication tool on the planet - learning a little about how it works has enormous value. What participants will discover is how the building blocks of filmmaking come together to create a new dynamic and also something about the logic of telling stories with pictures.

It was a chance to see the playful side of each other. We'll be able to remember the good times when we're under stress.
I couldn't stop laughing.
I saw that the only way to succeed is to co-operate and work as a single unit.

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5. Storytelling (as opposed to transferring information) The chance to explore a more 'human' aspect of any incident. Even a supply chain issue can be about disappointment or redemption or laziness or revenge. These are issues that are globally common to all cultures and races and ideally suited to short films. When the teams 'brainstorm' their ideas for the films, no matter what they come up with, there is always a more 'human' side to the story and that is what the film becomes. Essentially, each team and the greater group will be encouraged to communicate in a different way, open up new channels and scrape the rust from old ones. Back in the office the experience resonates for a very long time and people discover that they've opened up to each other and find collaborating easier.

6. Application to all
In terms of the variety of roles and also the variety of subjects. For the young and not so young, for the extrovert and the conservative natures, for the mind and for the body.

7. Another story for your corporate lore
The films are all compiled on DVDs (or videos) for distribution to each team, so everyone has a memento of the occasion. It is possible to tailor the films for use as training media.

8. The Cost
To generate a quote for you, we'll need information about your group, team size, location and schedules. Because we have a small, highly trained team of filmmakers, we suggest starting a conversation about your upcoming retreats now Call or email now!