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The universe is made up of stories, not of atoms.
       Muriel Ruckeyser

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A New Way of Doing Things

Should Neo have taken the blue pill or the red pill?

Business leaders are constantly scouring the landscape looking for new ways to manage, train and ultimately, guide their companies to greater levels of success. The old systems are not keeping up with life in the fast lane. Books about leadership draw on examples from the military, NASA, sports and even how killer whales are trained at SeaWorld!

By identifying successful real world processes and applying them to the workplace, today's leaders are following in the tradition of great innovators from past centuries who looked to the physical world around them for solutions to man-made system problems. The world is a laboratory and business is an intense incubator. The challenge: how to transfer alternative processes into one's own unique workplace AND get the buy-in to make them work?
Because we mostly work virtual and did not really know each other very well, this was a fantastic opportunity to team and come to know one another. I'm more open to other members of the team.
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From hard work to smart work, emotion-free to emotional intelligence

The critical factors for high performance work are changing. From hard work to smart work, from zero emotion to emotional intelligence. On the cutting edge of problem-solving, many leaders are turning to new training methods that inspire "a-ha's" from within, rather than pressing an understanding from with-out. In today's rapidly changing business environment, all levels of a the business' organism - individuals, teams and divisions - must develop the critical thinking, communications skills and EI to respond appropriately to change, adapting and evolving to reach their goals.

Some companies are turning to a style of training that puts teams in experimental situations with well-defined tasks, but with undefined outcomes. The teams must fly blind and figure things out on the run. These macro project experiments are like an in-house episode of "The Apprentice." But Trump or no Trump, the teams are challenged to develop new channels of creativity and resourcefulness.

The next wave of creative problem solving has thrust the lessons of creatives into the workplace. The way an artist solves the unique creative challenges to communicate with the audience and trigger the intended response... these lessons hold secrets for businesses. In the modern corporate world, when leaders are looking for any business advantage, perhaps the last frontier to be tapped is that of the why - the human emotions that drive behaviors.

The workshop gave me a taste of creativity, passion, salesmanship, and spontaneity. It gave practice to present ideas to our customers and showed me that visual and nonverbal methods for delivering a message can be powerful and actually much better than words.
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Why did Rick give Victor Lazlo the letters of transit?

At ScreenDreams Entertainment, our background is film. We've been in the industry and done the hard work that eventually (not always) shows up on the screen looking like magic. We've noticed that the best filmmakers have a different way of looking at the world, observing the surface events, but seeking to understand what lies beneath. Films are an exploration of the why - why did Rick give Victor Lazlo the letters of transit?* What motivates behavior? Films involve us in the stories behind the behaviors and we are left to draw our own conclusions. And this has great value in today's economy.

It was this insight into the filmmaking process, and real world experience on the set, that led us to develop a series of Creative Thinking Workshops around the filmmaking experience, and also Theatre, Music, Dance and Creative Writing. For example, a short exercise: come up with an idea, develop a script and shoot a movie, all in one half day! Even Spielberg would be challenged by the time and budget pressures!

The 15 Minutes of Fame workshop offers many benefits to businesses, including: focus, determination, creativity under pressure, communication, visual story telling, exploration of the why in human behavior, oh, and having fun in the midst of chaos!

CORPORATE TEAM BUILDING THROUGH FILM: From a tiny kernel of an idea, the work required to make a film is overwhelming. Beyond the talent and the drive, the filmmaker must believe in his or her idea - even when there is no evidence that it can actually be produced, let alone that anyone will pay to see it. Obviously, filmmakers have developed techniques for selling something that doesn't even exist yet! This is the art of the pitch.

And pitching is what your associates will do in the 15 MoF workshop. They'll create an idea and pitch it to their producers. Then, in a matter of hours, they'll develop a script, plan out the visuals, shoot and act all the roles - participants will zoom through the filmmaking process guided by real industry professionals. For each workshop, we supplement our experienced staff with working pros who are fresh from the set. Participants get to experience it all without the worries of the technical details. But they must deliver - on time and within budget.

Keep storytelling in mind - really focus on setting the stage. Keep it simple and explain through to the end.
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Back in the workplace, participants report that 15 Minutes of Fame creates a new corporate story for the business as a whole to draw upon. As they approach new projects and challenges, the experience of filmmaking lays a new groundwork for communication, creativity and emotional intelligence individually and in the group.

* Why did Rick give the letters of transit to Victor Lazslo in Casablanca?
Joel's opinion: It was the right thing to do. He'll always have Paris and the experience of pure love - but he's got a job to do, too, and where he's going... well, you get the idea.
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