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Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.
             Michael Jordan

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Frequently asked questions...

1. What are the films about?
Your groups willl choose their own topics. Our film experts will guide each group to develop their creative ideas and express them in their films. Some groups choose workplace related issues while others choose more general themes like leadership, change or communication. Often the groups have themes that they want to explore. For example, one company used their new marketing slogan, "Designed for Life," as a starting point for their film ideas. During each stage of the filmmaking process, they had to ask meaningful questions about what lies behind the theme. Then, as a group, they had to find ways to bring the marketing concepts to life in short visual stories. When we screened the films that night, everyone was amazed at how differently each group had approached the same theme.

2. Where do you offer the workshops?
We'll meet you there! We have the capability to deliver a successful workshop anywhere in the world - Australia, US, and everything in between. ScreenDreams Entertainment has conducted workshops as part of off-site corporate retreats, at hotel convention centers and even in-house on location.

3. What does a group or company have to provide for the workshop?
Simply have your people show up ready to be creative, work hard and have fun. Some companies like it to be a surprise. The 15MoF workshop can be delivered in a variety of settings. We have done the workshop in office headquarters, on retreats, at conference centers. Just as filmmakers can make movies anywhere, we can give your people the team building through film experience anywhere.

4. What's the schedule - how long does it take?
Depending on the modules you choose, the workshop takes between a half-day to a day and a half. A typical schedule would include the Greenlight module in the morning, 15 Minutes of Fame module in the afternoon and the Gala Awards Celebration in the evening. Some groups like to spread the event out over more than one day - start with Greenlight in the afternoon, then do 15 Minutes of Fame in the morning with the Strategy module in the afternoon and the Celebration in the evening.

5. What group sizes can you work with?
We've delivered workshops for groups ranging in size from 12 - 200. We have plans in place for a group of over 500 in southeast Asia next year!

6. What is the cost?
Each workshop is customized to help you gain the maximum value from the experience. Beyond the optional modules, the cost also depends on the number of participants and the location.

7. What other programs do you offer?
We help companies develop the creative potential of their human resource. 15 Minutes of Fame is the our main offering, but we are currently experimenting with some additional creativity and team building modules.  

8. What makes 15 Minutes of Fame different than other workshops?
We are filmmakers first. We give your people an authentic experience of making a movie. Your people will work together as a team - or they will have nothing to show at the evening screening! The spirit of doing something creative changes the dynamics of the group. We find that participants are open to collaboration, trying new ideas, risking ideas with no threat of retaliation or sticking out as odd. When it comes to 15 Minutes of Fame, nothing is odd!