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Imagination is more important than knowledge.
       Albert Einstein

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Experience: The greatest teacher

What I hear I forget. What I see I remember. What I do I understand.

This Chinese proverb is the inspiration for bringing the 15 Minutes of Fame team building workshop into the corporate setting as an experiential learning program for enhanced teamwork. In our short 1-day and 2-day workshops for teams, we don't waste time talking - we do.

Your executives, managers and associates will work hard to dream, write, direct, act and produce a short film! Moviemaking will stretch their creative brains and open new pathways of communication (internally and as a group). And what do our critics say? An enthusiastic "two thumbs up!" 15 Minutes of Fame is lots of fun - and the results show up in high-performance teams in the workplace.

The very next day we were in a meeting and everyone reflected on what they had experienced from the workshop. Getting everyone to use the "other side of their brain" worked. The new discussions were seamless and any previous barriers were not a factor. To me that spells SUCCESS.
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          SSG, IT group The Boeing Company
Team building workshop

Tired of rock climbing, sailing and all the other old team building exercises? How many times can you fall backwards into a co-worker's arms to demonstrate trust? Join Guntis Sics, Academy Award-nominated filmmaker, and Joel Leskowitz, award-winning producer, in a project exercise that will explode your team's creativity and ignite a new spirit of cooperation and communication.

But wait, the 15 Minutes of Fame workshop is much more than just a teambuilding and creativity workshop...

A whole new economy

"The Information Age we all prepared for is ending."

The global economy is changing before our eyes. The skills which have carried us so far are no longer yielding the same results. What is required now is a balance between strong analytical skills and the ability to see the big picture. Leaders must be able to synthesize information and express it in ways that are not only understandable, but create a greater context. Fortunately, there are brilliant minds thinking about this.       

Daniel Pink is one of these writers. "Beneath the nervous clatter of our half-completed decade stirs a slow but seismic shift. The Information Age we all prepared for is ending. Rising in its place is what I call the Conceptual Age, an era in which mastery of abilities that we've often overlooked and undervalued marks the fault line between who gets ahead and who falls behind."* So, what are these abilities? Read on!

Feedback has been great and the team is on a high. You guys are ultimate professionals in your field, creating a fun exercise that turns teamwork into reality - not just a word. Cannot imagine any other exercise that can best 15 Minutes of Fame.
We are now all superstars (in our own minds)!

          Jock Stewart, VP Sales and Mktng
          GE Commercial Finance, Fleet Services
Teamwork through filmmaking

"One of the important things our creative thinking workshop can give a client is a taste of what it's like to view the world through an artistic sensibility. After all, artists are the ones who strive to make sense of the world, to communicate at a deeper level. Whether they paint, draw, write, make music, sculpt or make short films, artists are always asking questions about what's important. Artists look for universal truths about the human condition. They examine our beliefs and our culture. So, put away the slide rules, the financial models and the computers... and expand your horizons using the creative side of your mind." -- Guntis Sics, founder, ScreenDreams Entertainment & 15 Minutes of Fame.

What would it be worth to have your employees exhibit a greater ability to:
          • Communicate abstract ideas: Big Picture
          • Lead a group through uncharted territory: Leadership
          • Motivate a team to focus on one goal: Teamwork

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* Mr. Pink has given us permission to quote his new book, A Whole New Mind: Moving from the Information Age to the Conceptual Age. (Order A Whole New Mind at Amazon)