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15 Minutes of Fame TeamBuilding gives your team the chance to be creative and work together to make a movie!
Work with real filmmakers. Stretch your team's creativity and communication skills. Flex your right-brain muscles. Tick off all the boxes for a successful off-site or retreat. Be the hero, be the bad guy, the wizard, the monster. Be Dirty Harry, Pretty Woman. Yell at Captain Kirk, "I'm a Doctor, not a mechanic." Make a fool of yourself. Spoof your company's kitchen rules. Feel the thrill of risking creative ideas. Experience your team's excitement when you watch your movies up on the silver screen. You think it's air you're breathing now? Free your mind!

What's your biggest challenge? If you're like most businesses, it's all about people. Although every company says, "Our people are our greatest asset," inspiring and maintaining creativity, communication and teamwork are constant challenges. That's what Fast Co., Business 2.0 and other top business magazines report. So, how do you motivate teams to work together, draw on each other's strengths. Especially when more and more teams are virtual? How do you create a team when there's no water cooler, when there are no stories? Answer...

It's all about creativity...

Tired of rock climbing, sailing and all the other usual team building exercises? The 15 Minutes of Fame workshop will explode your team's creativity - and it's lots of fun! Making a movie is a great team activity that challenges everyone to participate. Available as a full-day, half-day or customized workshop delivered wherever your tribe is coming together.

Create your own stories, develop a new culture by cultivating the creativity in your own group. The 15 MoF team provides everything - we even screen your films at the end of the day so that your team can enjoy the laughs together, and choose Best Picture, Actor and Actress awards.

Is there a Spielberg in your group? WATCH some of the films
our participants have made.


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Movie making as team building

From the indie film world of Australia - Priscilla Queen of the Desert, Babe and Moulin Rouge - ScreenDreams Entertainment was born.
One day, a light bulb went off in Guntis Sics' head. He was already Australia's pre-eminent sound recording artist, Baz Luhrmann's go-to sound man, with an Academy Award nomination under his belt for Moulin Rouge's sound. But he wanted to do more. He wanted to share the experience of creativity and team building that happens when a group comes together to make a movie.

Okay, actually Guntis was having a beer at the local pub and got to talking with a mate about what happened on his latest film (The Quiet American). Guntis trotted out his stories of hero gaffers and best boys. The comaraderie, the spirit, the thrill of making dreams come to life on-screen. A crowd gathered to listen to the almost Oscar-winner tell his favorite stories from the trenches.

A week later, Guntis was sending 35 execs out on location to make their own movies... and the 15 Minutes of Fame workshop was born. Turns out his friend hired him to lead an off-site meeting as a team building event. Proving once again, life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're going to get. Read Guntis' blog

So, how did ScreenDreams become an international leader in corporate events, delivering exciting, creative movie-making experiences to corporations world-wide? Read on, and we'll make you an offer you can't refuse...

Guntis Sics and Joel Leskowitz
offer a unique take on team building:
EXPERIENCE, not talk.
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: 15 Minutes of Fame is addictive! Your group will never want to attend
same old same old
team building event again!